Our EDGE Leadership TEAM
Sam Gaw
Sam Gaw
Owner / Partner
Social Media / SEO / Design

Engineer Mentality +
Banker Leadership +
IT Analytics +
Journalist Curiosity +
Entrepreneur Spirit +
Fathers’ Intuition
= Sam Gaw.

Web Design, SEO, Social Media & Startups are what define Sam. He has sold 5 companies this decade.

Sam brought in and manages one of ZMP EDGE current clients that is the 2nd largest life insurance companies in America.

While his main passion is for the start-up, he runs with some pretty big dogs too!

Allan Zukerman
Owner / Partner
Pr / Marketing

What can we say about Allan? Been there, done that, has the t-shirt. A living legend in the PR/Marketing world who has worked with the biggest and best brands around. He lives and breathes Advertising/Marketing.

Allan currently is Managing Director at Z Marketing Partners in Indy.

There’s no college degree available that could give us the same amount of Advertising/Marketing knowledge that Allan has taught us. He is our EDGE over the competition.

He’s our Godfather Yoda.

zmp edge zukerman
Steve Zukerman
Owner / Partner
Social Media / Video Production

Steve (call him Zuk:-) is a multimedia professional and a social entrepreneur. His belief is that a good story well told has the power to inspire and create social change, and can truly make a difference in how one sees the world. Whether it’s a documentary film, commercial spot, or other form of media, Steve’s goal is to tell compelling, entertaining stories that also create an awareness of the real issues that shape our lives. Steve creates works that celebrate the triumph of the human spirit, and the unmistakable power of sheer will and determination.

Steve teams with social sector organizations, non-profits and corporations who are committed to creating an open forum for discussion and education, and who are interested in offering specific ways for audience members to get involved. These include action kits, screening programs, educational curriculums and classes, seminars, panels and other activities that become ongoing “legacy” programs, continuously updated and revised to continue beyond theatrical, DVD and/or television windows.

To date, Steve has developed active, working relationships with a number of clients, ranging from high profile companies such as FOX Television, ABC, CBS, NBC, Bravo, Columbia Tri-Star, AMC Channel, MTV, Sony Pictures, Comedy Central, Nike, The Speed Channel, and the Oprah Winfrey Network…to local institutions and non-profit organizations such as the Habitat For Humanity, The Fuller Center For Housing, Indiana War Memorial Foundation, Indiana Minority Health Coalition, and most recently The Breast Health and Healing Foundation.