ZMP EDGE is a group of people dedicated to your bottom line. Our EDGE is that we’ve been there. Our leaders have built their own businesses and sold them. They are leaders in their communities and industry. Our other EDGE is that we find the best talent and harness their abilities to help our clients. Since we have the tradition of being around for 50 years and the agility of a startup, we truly have the EDGE over the competition.

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Our Skills

We have so many skills. Being humble is one of them. We won’t bore you the details of why our team is the best.
  Social Media
  SEO / Web Design
  Digital Marketing
  Content Writing
  SEM / Digital Advertising
  Email Marketing
  Reputation Management

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By the rules
Walk a fine line
Our Services
Content Strategy

Encompassing the discovery, ideation, implementation and maintenance of all types of digital content—links, tags, video, whatever.

Social Engagement

I can’t count how many times I’ve told companies that the key word to social media in SOCIAL. Allow us to engage your customers.

Digital Video

ZMP EDGE has it going on like Stacy’s Mom when it comes to video. Our peeps have create TV shows, Movies, Documentaries, and Commercials…

Research & Analysis

This is SO important and makes us stand out. If you don’t know where you’ve been or what got you here, how can you move forward?

Community Management

Customers – check. Marketing – check. E-mail Newsletter – check. Social Media – check. Allow us to put it all together to manage it all.


A good e-commerce can make or break you. You need a scalable solution that helps you on both your front-end and back-end.